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When it comes to the meanings of voting, there is no right or wrong answer and everyone can have a say!

DeVOTE invites you to participate by sharing your own meanings of voting and help us explore the diversity, change and use of all possible meanings of voting in your own country and beyond.

The aim of DeVOTE is to encourage everyone to provide their (own) definitions of voting and to conduct research in this field. In this way, exchange between the interested public and academia is facilitated and academia becomes tangible through citizen science. Academia, in turn, can gain new insights and approaches through public participation.

How can you participate?

There are various ways you can take part in DeVOTE:

opinion1. Your opinion matters → DEFINE VOTING!
You can write down terms and descriptions for your own definition of voting answering the question “What does voting mean to you?”

 imagination2. You are the observer → IMAGINE DEFINITIONS!
You can tell us where your definition of voting comes from.

observation3. You are the researcher → COLLECT DATA!
You can search for the many possible definitions that journalists, parties, politicians, stakeholders and so on give to voting and describe them.

 education4. You are the expert → CATEGORIZE MEANINGS!
You can provide direct input to the researchers in DeVOTE by categorizing the meanings of voting we have collected.

You choose how and when to participate, you may discontinue participation at any time and you can come back to these activities at a later stage.

What happens to my data and the information I provide?

Data collection and processing is carried out in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your answers will be used exclusively in aggregated form in publications. Any survey content presented in non-aggregated form (i.e. direct quotations) that are made available through academic publication or other academic outlets will be fully pseudonymized so that you cannot be identified, and care will be taken to ensure that other information in the survey that could identify yourself is not revealed. You will not incur any costs from participating in this study. Detailed and additional information is provided in the Information and consent form you need to sign before participating.


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